Using Google Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Website in 2023 (A Guide to Google Adwords)

Google Ads

Google has been one of the most used search engines in the last two decades. Therefore, it is no surprise that business owners are now turning to Google Ads to drive website traffic.

The platform has continually proved to be an effective way to build an online presence regardless of the business niche. But how can you use Google Ads to drive traffic to your business’s website?

Understanding and implementing the right strategies to drive the targeted traffic to your store is essential. Whether you are an expert, intermediate, or beginner, here are several tips on how to use Google Ads to optimize your marketing strategy!


Using the Right Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases people use to search content in search engines such as Google. For this reason, it is best to tailor your Google Ads using the right words to drive high traffic to your landing page.

There are several keyword matches in Google Adwords, and depending on your preferences, you can choose the best choice that will increase your visibility.

  • Broad match: This is the default keyword match that search engines use, and searches match it more broadly, including typos, synonyms, and misspellings.
  • Exact match: Google matches your Google Ads with the specific keyword used by the searcher.
  • Negative keyword: This phrase ensures your Google Ads don’t show irrelevant searches.
  • Phrase match: Google Ads ensures your ad matches the exact phrase used by searchers.
  • Broad match modifier: It helps you choose the specific word or phrase to match your Google Advertising.


Utilizing Google Discovery Ads

Discovery Ads are personalized and engaging ads that pop on Google feeds depending on the user’s interest.

For example, an individual might frequently search for online courses on Google and Youtube. In such a case, placing discovery ads related to an online system might lead to a high click rate on your website. And since the searcher is looking for the exact content at that particular moment, they might be intrigued to click specific discovery ads.


Using the Right Ad Extension

In Google Advertising, an extension is a feature that shows extra information concerning your business. It includes the address, phone number, web page link, and store rating.

By offering these details on your Google Adwords, the searcher will likely click on your ad since it shows transparency and credibility. Furthermore, Google considers relevance when ranking an ad, and extensions add this benefit.

So, depending on the action, you want to achieve, which in this case is driving traffic to your website. You can pick either site link extensions, callout extensions, call extensions, location extensions, product extensions, seller rating extensions, structured snippets extensions, and affiliate location extensions.

Site-link extensions are the most effective for driving traffic since it directs searchers to a landing page. However, while employing this method for your Google Advertising, ensuring the web page has precisely what the prospect is looking for is crucial.


Make Sure the Landing Page is Perfect

Regarding Google Advertising, a landing page is a web page where the searcher lands after clicking on your Google Adwords.

Load time is key to considering if you want the perfect landing page for your business. Therefore, ensuring the site runs smoothly and loads quickly are vital.

A delay may frustrate the searcher, prompting them to leave the page, which can be a missed lead for your store. Google offers a tool called PageSpeedInsights, which you can use to help improve the speed of your landing page.

Navigation is also essential when building your perfect landing page. When the searcher clicks on your ad, it should be easy and quick for them to find the product or service that you are advertising.

Moreover, the perfect landing page should accommodate desktop users and mobile users. Recent studies show that Google prioritizes landing mobile-friendly pages. In the digitized world, people carry their phones around, hence the need to tailor your web to fit all devices.


Conclusion: Using Google Ads for Your Business

By now, you should know that the Google Ads platform is a marketing must-have for every business. For example, you can use it to increase traffic to your store location or e-commerce.

However, most people fail to get the intended results due to a lack of knowledge on the best methods to optimize their ads. Therefore, this platform is constantly improving its capabilities.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make an informed decision when dealing with Google Advertising. And in case you are still facing challenges after following these strategies, you can always consult an iGrowmarketing Google Adwords expert to assist you in running a successful ad with a high click rate that brings traffic to your business website!

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