Linking Your Website to Google Analytics (Is It Worth It?)

Google Analytics

Do you want to grow your website? Are you looking for a tool to help track your web page? In that case, Google Analytics is a free and powerful platform usually underutilized by website owners.

Most people do not know how to use Google Analytics to build their online presence. For this reason, they tend to avoid linking their websites, failing to monitor the existing traffic. It makes their web pages stagnant since they focus on the wrong strategies that don’t bring the expected conversion.

So, if you are yet to understand the importance of linking your website to Google Analytics, here are some reasons why this move is worth it.


Analyzing the Source of Your Website Traffic

Individuals can find your web page in many ways, such as through various social media platforms, backlinks, and Google searches. However, you might invest in the wrong marketing strategies if you don’t know which platform brings the most traffic.

For instance, Facebook can get more visitors, while Instagram may fail to bring conversion. But, if you don’t hire a Google Analytics manager or analyze such performance, your website will not reach its maximum potential through the social media that works well for your site.

Luckily, Google Analytics for websites can help you know how visitors find your website. In other words, the tool will clearly show if the source was from a paid ad, organic searches, social media, or an individual who typed your website name directly in the search engine.

By understanding the source of your webpage traffic, you can focus on the digital marketing strategies that bring the most conversion to your business. However, If you have no idea how to use Google Analytics for websites, getting a certified Google Analytics manager will make your work easier as you work on other essential aspects of your company.


Website Demographics

Google Analytics will provide helpful demographics about your website visitors.

Every business targets specific people when doing digital marketing. For example, a particular product or service might be ideal for teens, and others might attract older adults. So, knowing the type of people visiting your website will help you see if you are attracting the right audience.

You might be wondering, how can you know the visitors’ demographics? Well, Google Analytics for websites is the right tool for you. It will provide detailed information about age, interest, browsing habits, and geographical location. Such details can be necessary for a business to work on the platforms that bring in the right leads that might convert to sales.

Moreover, knowing how to use Google Analytics will provide information on the visitors’ devices. You can use such statistics to tailor your web page to accommodate all kinds of devices, including Windows, Androids, and iPhones.


Knowing What Visitors Do on Your Website

Getting people to visit your website is one thing, but the amount of time they spend on it is also essential. If the visitors spend more time reading and scrolling through your content, your website offers beneficial information to the prospects. However, if people stay on your page for less time, your website, this means the content may not be engaging to your audience, that your site doesn’t have helpful details, or you are attracting the wrong crowd.

Google Analytics for websites will track the duration your visitors spend on the website. It will also show the pages they visited and how long they stayed on a specific page.

So, as an investor, you or your Google Analytics manager can know which page attracts the most traffic and which you should rework in terms of content and graphics.


Tracking Conversions

Linking your website to Google Analytics will assist you in tracking conversions.

There are actions that you want to achieve while sharing or promoting your website link. For instance, you might be looking to increase sales, sign people for an email list and fill out survey forms.

Google Analytics for websites will track whether your marketing strategies are bringing the right actions. You will be able to know what you need to change and what method brings the conversion so that you can focus your resources and time on those.


Conclusion: Is Linking Your Website to Google Analytics Worth It?

The answer is: yes. When it comes to digital marketing services, linking your website to Google Analytics is worth it since it helps you know what’s working and which strategy you need to avoid.

However, you will need to know how to use Google Analytics for websites to monitor your site’s performance. But if you do not want to worry about that, you can always hire a Google Analytics manager or take an online course to help equip you with the skills to interpret the data.

iGrowMarketing offers various digital marketing services to help you build an effective online strategy. We can provide you with an experienced Google Analytics manager that can link your website and even help you with eCommerce Optimization!

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