5 reasons to hire a Social Media Community Manager

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In an increasingly connected world, the Internet, with its possibilities, applications, and influence in our daily lives, continually surprises us and reserves even more astonishment for us. It could be said that, despite its three decades of expansion, the network is constantly reinventing itself. Thanks to this ability to excel, and the technological development that supports it, in 2021, the number of Internet users exceeded 4.5 billion worldwide, a figure that is continuously growing. No less significant is that more than half of the world’s population uses social networks.

It is understandable why so many companies worry about gaining a place in cyberspace in this context. Much of the information that potential customers receive every day reaches them through the Internet, and in this same way, they buy, give their opinion, ask and recommend. Social networks are currently, for better or for worse, a space where kingdoms can be established or devastated.

But, how can a company, a brand, or a business become visible among the countless bytes that make up the network? How to compete in a field that, for many, is full of mysteries and incomprehensible rules?

An entrepreneur or businessperson determined to grow his company, be it large or small, does not usually always have the time, energy or skills to take on a task that, in the eyes of many, is complex: increasing profits by making intelligent use of the tools offered by the digital world. For that reason, it is so important to have a specialist dedicated to developing the social networks of any business: a Social Media Community Manager.


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And what does a Social Media Community Manager do?

A good Community Manager can significantly help create or strengthen a company’s reputation. Therefore, choosing the right professional is not something to be taken lightly. The business owner must know why it is convenient to hire a Community Manager and what results should expect from his management.

Here are five reasons to consider:

   1. Create a brand image if you do not have one yet and, if it already exists, improve it and increase its visibility and credibility. The Community Manager is in charge of maintaining the link between the website and its social media profiles and selecting and adapting the contents to make them more attractive and friendly. Through social networks, followers of a brand often expect to receive updated information about products and services and exciting and quality content consistent with the company’s offline image.

2. Grow and maintain communities around the brand on all its platforms. Includes moderating opinions under the company’s interests, preventing and managing possible crises that may arise, and directly serving customers. The success of its management can influence the decision to consume a product or service, which can only be successfully managed by a professional with excellent communication skills and knowledge of the tools of each social network. The published contents only achieve the objective of impacting specific audiences if they are presented by a good manager who analyzes and knows the consumption habits of each community on each platform.

3. Design communication strategies in social networks and measure the results. Publishing content without clear objectives and a defined audience does not make sense since it will only achieve an attractive image on your social networks, but it will not generate leads o buyers. The community manager analyzes the impact of the published information and, depending on the study results, helps the entrepreneur decide the most appropriate next step for his business in terms of communication.

4. Identify opportunities. Not only in the virtual space of social networks, to discern what, how, and when to publish certain information about the brand. Also, in the offline area. Information is power, and this is one of the main tools of this manager, at the service of the entrepreneur, to help him grow his business awareness and identify which of his products or services work and which do not, what his customers expect from the brand, what they prefer more. A good community manager is, above all, a good strategist who helps businesses win more customers. The impact of his work transcends the online space.

5. Establish relationships with other companies or professionals with whom the company owner can make alliances that help it grow, increase its sales, reinforce its visibility and reputation. This type of association has accelerated the growth of not a few businesses. The Community Manager is precisely the ideal professional to promote them by linking the brand it represents and other related brands.

Hiring a Social Media Manager or Community Manager, in short, is an intelligent decision, undoubtedly one of the best things that any business owner willing to succeed today can do to increase clients and make his brand more visible, successful, and profitable.

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