What is Google My Business, and Why Do I Need It?

1 2 What is Google My Business, and Why Do I Need It?

Whether you run a physical or online business, it is essential to maintain an online presence. Many platforms are available for this purpose, but Google My Business has unique perks.
Google My Business, otherwise known as Google Business Profile, is a free business listing service provided by Google. The platform requires businesses to share product or service details, including location and contact information. This information is then displayed to local customers once they make relevant Google searches.

Businesses that use Google My Business can enhance their visibility online by verifying their business, adding photos, and using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to stand out from competitors.
If your business has a website or landing page, you can add the URL to your display information to direct interested parties. However, if you have neither, you could link your Facebook or Instagram business pages to direct customers and generate more traffic for these sites.
Let’s now explore why your business needs a Google My Business profile.


Google My Business is the Top Local Ranking Factor

Research has proven Google My Business to be the most significant determinant of local business listings appearing during a Google Search. In other words, a Google My Business profile increases your chances of appearing in local listings by a greater margin than any other online platform, which is undoubtedly helpful in creating a competitive advantage over other local businesses.


Boosts your Visibility to Customers

Did you know that most people search for products and services on Google before physically surveying local businesses? Customers prefer to start with an online search because they can find detailed and analytical information without much effort.
Having an SEO Google My Business profile will boost your business to appear among the top results whenever someone does a relevant search, thereby creating awareness about your brand and products to potential customers.


Running Marketing and Promotion Campaigns

A Search Engine Optimized Google My Business profile is an effective tool for running marketing and promotional campaigns. These Google Ads will further enhance your visibility to customers and can be used to communicate sales, special events, and promotional activities. iGrowMarketing will help you by providing the most cost effective campaigns. Running your business ads will be flexible and adjusted to fit your budget.
iGrowMarketing can regularly update your Google My Business profile with posters containing marketing and promotion information and reach your target audience with the a targeted SEO.


Google My Business


Provides useful Analytics for Business Development

Google My Business provides a dashboard with insights on profile views. This data will help you see how many visitors view your profile and whether they continue to view your website. You can also use the data to analyze the effectiveness of ads and marketing campaigns and calculate the Return On Investment (ROI). The information you receive is also helpful in conducting targeted market research and developing business growth strategies. Let our marketing experts help you with data-driven decisions.


New Customers can Review Your Google Ratings.

Customers are always trying to get value for their investment. Google My Business provides a section for customers to leave their reviews about your business and provide ratings on a 5-stars scale. Positive reviews will translate to a higher rating, which is very attractive to new customers.
A Search Engine Optimized Google My Business profile will ensure that potential customers see your positive reviews first whenever they do a relevant search.


Customers can quickly locate your business.

Google My Business works with Google Maps, so once you verify your business location, the customer can find their way to your online offering. Your SEO business profile will appear top on the list whenever a relevant search is done. This way, even a new business can build a solid customer base by getting their profiles optimized. Contact iGrowMarketing today!



In summary, Google My Business is an excellent tool for new and older businesses to exploit the online space and boost visibility. Perhaps the best part is that through Google My Business Search Engine Optimization, your customers will always see your business first when they do relevant searches. Is your Google My Business created and optimized for online search?

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