How to do Online Marketing in 2023

online marketing

Online marketing results from the technological transformation that the world has undergone from a few decades ago to the present. Although the beginning of this change produced a great polarization between the virtual and the tangible enthusiasts, this debate has already been overcome: every business, big or small, needs a virtual environment to increase its customers and sales. That’s where the Internet and Digital Marketing make things easier for your business.

If anyone was not yet convinced, the coronavirus health crisis came to confirm a fact: Digital Marketing is vital to keep businesses operating.

The numbers speak for themselves:
• 38 billion people use social platforms on the Internet.
• 4.2 billion people are active customers on social networks. (source: Hootsuite)
Moreover, both the number of customers and the time they spend surfing the Internet are increasing exponentially, especially since 2020.


Mercadeo en línea


This means that if you want to reach customers, you know where to look.
E-commerce companies have been able to reinvent themselves, getting in tune with today’s world; for this, they have diversified and improved their business model, which has, in turn, changed the way the customer relates to the products and services it procures.

On the other hand, advertising management and Digital Marketing have changed the way of conceiving the role of the customer, seeing him not only as a passive buyer but also as an ally. Chat, peer-to-peer is communicative modalities that have been gaining a central place in the advertising strategy. It has also taken advantage of the relatively recent appearance of influencers due to the reputation and positioning it has achieved on the Internet.

The tripling of the economic value of data and information indicates how successful these innovations have been.
Successful campaigns have had a group of common elements throughout the history of marketing: the sense of novelty, the audacity with which ideas are implemented, and not pretending a unique and definitive formula for all companies. This is something that every Digital Marketing expert knows.

Similarly, a brand’s identity involves a construction process, which, although arduous and delicate, results are worth it: the user’s identity will be put in frequency with that of the brand. This, of course, involves a thorough study of customer behaviors, needs, and motivations.

Digital Marketing has reshaped the face of business. It is no longer about being “in the right place at the right time,” as the old journalistic mantra used to say, but about connecting company/customers in the best possible way: from intelligence and emotion. Digital Marketing gives you the way to do it, if you prefer, at home, from your favorite corner.

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