Why Are Customers Not Finding My Small Business Online Google my bussines

Several factors can affect why customers are not finding your business online. For example, if you are not showing up on online Google searches, it might be because you still need to set up your Google Business Profile or failed to do it correctly.


This article discusses how to use Google My Business to get found online and how to troubleshoot your account if you can’t find your business.


What is Google My Business (GMB)?


Google My Business, now known as a Google Business Profile, refers to a free online business listing offered by Google. A Google Business Account allows you to provide information and pictures about your small business, such as its location, products, and services.


Setting up a Google Business account is an excellent way to boost your visibility online across Google platforms. Your Google Business Profile information can appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Shopping.


However, a Google My Business account is only available to businesses in contact with their customers. This refers to companies with a physical store location, such as a clothing boutique, and those who provide services on-site, like plumbers.


Online-only business owners will have to recur to other free tools offered by Google, such as Google Ads and Google Analytics.


Setting Up Your Google Business Profile


To create a GMB (Google My Business) profile, you must follow these steps:


1. Log in to Google Business Profile Manager


To get started, you must log in to Google Business Profile Manager. If you already own a Google account, you can use the same login information; if not, establish a new Google account.


2. Add Your Small Business

Add-Your-Small-Business to google my bussines

Step number two is to enter the name of your small business. Click ‘Add your business to Google’ if it does not display in the drop-down menu. Then, choose the right category for your company and click ‘Next.’


3. Confirm Your Physical Address


Confirm-Your-Physical-Address in GMB

If your small business has a physical store location, clients can visit, select ‘Yes’and enter your address. You may also be requested to place a marker on a map to indicate the location.


You can include your service areas if your company does not have a physical site but provides in-person services or delivery. Then press the ‘Next’ button.


If you do not provide a physical business address, Google will ask you to specify the region where your small business works. If this is the case, select an option from the drop-down menu and click ‘Next.’


4. Enter Your Contact Information

Enter-Your-Contact-Information in Google My Business



Provide your business phone number and website link so customers can contact you. You do not need to add a phone number if you do not want to be reached by phone.


When you’ve finished entering your contact information, click ‘Next.’


5. Verify Your Business on GMB


In this step, you will need to provide your actual physical address, not a PO Box location. This information is required to verify your small business is real, and this information will not be posted or shared with the public on your Google My Business Profile.


Once you put in your address, click ‘Next.’ Then Google will present you with different options to verify your business account. For example, to authenticate your location, if you have a physical address, you receive a postcard in the mail. On the other hand, if you serve or deliver in a specific area, you can use an email address to verify your business.


Finally, to complete your verification process, you must enter your five-digit code on the screen or visit https://business.google.com/ and select ‘Verify’ or ‘Verify business.’ You will then get a confirmation screen indicating that you have been verified. On that screen, press the ‘Next’ button.


6. Customize Your Business Profile


To customize your Google Business profile, provide your company hours, preferred messaging options, business description, and pictures.


However, when completing this last step, optimizing the content your business will display on Google is essential. Try to include multiple service keywords in your description. When uploading pictures, have photos of your business, team, and products or services.


When you’re finished, click ‘Continue.’ You’ll be taken to the Business Profile Manager dashboard. You can manage your business profile, examine insights, manage messages and reviews, and develop Google advertisement campaigns from this page.


Reasons Why You Cannot Find Your Business On Google


Some of the common reasons why people cannot find your business on Google are the following:



  • You recently updated or added information about your company. Google search results are based on algorithms that consider a variety of criteria. If you have modified your business information, the Google search results may change, and updates may take up to three days to reflect.


  • Your business information does not comply with Google Guidelines. If you fail to comply with Google My Business Guidelines, you may be subject to unexpected changes in your business information or even remove your business from Google’s listing.


Conclusion: Increase Your Visibility with Google My Business


If customers cannot find your business on Google, chances are that you have yet to set up your Google Business Profile. Creating a GMB profile will help you increase visibility online and get found by customers in your area.


If you need help setting up your GMB account, one of our digital marketing professionals will be happy to help you! So contact us today to get started!


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